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Click here to download this list as a PDF. One of the great joys of parenthood is reading to my two young sons. So I got to wondering: Is there a list of the must-read picture books for preschoolers? The greatest classics, old and new? You can find the books on Amazon with this wishlist. With help from some friends, I now present to you the Kindergarten Canon:. Are You My Mother? Click for full list. Bennett, Chester E. Finn, Jr. Cribb, Jr. Yet none of these lists amounts to a canon, per se. Likewise with, say, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Which makes Goldilocks a must.

And plenty of excellent books never get there either. A canon is a quirky thing—connected to quality, but also to commercial success. So are these the right books? What did I omit?

Meet Chloe, a young woman who doesn't want to sing, crying at the audition for Find a Star But what about the blood in the pool? And the horrible injuries to her leg? How could something like that have happened? Wonder is a book about an ordinary boy called Auggie who looks very different from most boys his age. Walking her dog in the forest, Grace has a chance encounter that will present her with a dilemma. From walking along the entire Amazon River to skiing to the South Pole, check out some of the 21st century's most amazing adventurers! Wild animals in cities can cause chaos!

Can you imagine the trouble that baboons in city centres could cause? What is Maria's secret and who will help her get out of trouble? Have you ever wondered why we dream? Do you know how to interpret the meaning of your dreams? Read about the purpose of dreams and what you can learn from them. Vandalism or contemporary art? Find out more about where street art has come from and where it might be heading. All eyes will be on you. Tom is nervous but kind of excited at the same time What do you think life is like as a YouTube star? Would you like to do it? Read about the life of video blogger Jessii Vee to find out.

The candyfloss should be the perfect ending to an evening at the fair Well, this is a modern retelling. Meet Chloe, a young woman who's shaking with terror, waiting for her audition for Find a Star Religion, shipwrecks and an enormous tiger called Richard Parker But the evidence is there How on earth could something like that have happened? Chloe has an unusual pet which isn't popular with all the members of her family.

In this story it gets her into a bit of trouble. Wonder is an honest, funny and moving book about a boy who feels ordinary but looks different. Log in Sign up Newsletter. Elementary Intermediate Upper intermediate. A walk in the forest — level 1. On her usual walk in the forest, Grace meets an unusual boy. Amazing adventurers — level 1.


From climbing Everest to skiing to the South Pole, read about some amazing adventurers! Animals in the city — level 1.

by William March

Which animals can you see in cities? This article tells you about more than just dogs and cats! Bad secrets — level 1. Bully — level 1. More messages Who is sending them? And what can Kay do? Friends or exams? Which are more important? Dreams — level 1. What are your dreams trying to tell you?

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: book review — level 1. Graffiti and street art — level 1.

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Graffiti and street art isn't new. Find out about its history in this article. Guess what? It's a big day at school for Tom and he's nervous and excited at the same time. Happiness — level 1. What makes you happy? It is unknown if the adults seen in the series are intended to be "average" in the world, or if the Baudelaires are simply unlucky when it comes to meeting decent people, as Lemony Snicket calls them magnets for misfortune.

The dismal psychology of humanity in the series even extends to children, such as Carmelita Spats and the students who bully the Baudelaires at school. After The Vile Village , the Baudelaires' living situation changes drastically, essentially become homeless with an uncertain living situation as they seek food, shelter, and jobs wherever possible in order to survive. Club that he decided to write a children's story when he was trying to find a publisher for his first novel, The Basic Eight. One of the publishers, HarperCollins, passed on The Basic Eight , but they were interested in him writing a story for children.

Handler thought it was a terrible idea at first, but met with the publishers to discuss the book.

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They challenged him to write the book he wished he could have read when he was He retooled a manuscript he had for a mock-Gothic book for adults, [2] which became "the story of children growing through all these terrible things", a concept which the publishers liked, to Handler's surprise. When asked what inspired him to write the series, Handler said, "I thought it would be interesting if terrible things happened to three helpless children over and over again.

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Handler was not heavily focused on a moral message while writing the series, although he was forced to think about this aspect at times. Instead, he preferred to focus on the actual events of the plot instead of trying to craft the story around a moral message which could seem shoehorned and forced. Handler was inspired by authors like Roald Dahl, Edward Gorey and Zilpha Keatley Snyder, who wrote books about creepy but nonsupernatural circumstances.

He did not want to write a book about people casting spells or finding three rings to defeat a dragon. His original contract was four books, so if his series was not successful, it may have stopped at The Miserable Mill , although support eventually got him to write the full series.

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Despite that A Series of Unfortunate Events is often categorized as a "children's book series", there is a lot of questionable, disturbing, distressing, violent, and mature content in the series. Lemony Snicket warns the reader on each book cover that the Baudelaires' lives are unpleasant - there is no happy beginning, no happy end, and very few happy things occur throughout the series. Daniel Handler admits that he wrote the series because he was sick of how "sappy", "dumbed down" and "optimistic" children's books are, as they tend to always have happy endings, be overtly cheerful and uplifting, and give unrealistic expectations.

Handler was inspired to write the series after watching news stories on TV about the lives of unfortunate children around the world. The Littlest Elf is also a parody of these themes. Individual children have different levels of maturity. There is also no maximum age rating and even a 20, 50 or year old can enjoy the series.

Throughout the series, the children encounter abuse e. The books also contain slight suggestive themes, mainly in Count Olaf's attempt to marry a year-old Violet. Examples of mature content include spoilers :. Reviews for A Series of Unfortunate Events have generally been positive, with reviewers saying that the series is enjoyable for children and adults alike, and that it brings fresh, mature and adult themes to children's stories.

Although the first few books were criticized and notorious, they gradually gained a cult following over the years as the series continued, leading to a feature film being produced, which boosted the popularity of the series further, leading to a full Netflix adaptation of all thirteen books, which had a similar effect. Fans often claim the books are intelligently written, humorous, full of interesting plot twists, engaging mysteries, cliff hangers, complex characters, themes which force the reader to question their own morality with heavy grey-on-grey morality, etc.

The Baudelaires go through massive character growth. They start off as wealthy and innocent and somewhat naive children who are dependent on their parents. After their parents die, the Baudelaires are unable to rely on their money and live in many dismal and impoverished circumstances. They gradually learn about the horrors and corruption in their world and, by the end, have become incredibly strong, brave and mature teenagers.

The Times Online refer to the books as "a literary phenomenon", and discuss how the plight of the Baudelaire orphans helps children cope with loss—citing the rise in sales post September 11, as evidence. A fan article compares the series to being a "guide for grief.