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For some surrounding businesses, they pose an existential question. Deli near the 36th Avenue station. Since the station closed, Mr. Chowdhury said, his sales have been cut in half.

Chowdhury wonders if he will be around to enjoy whatever benefits a renovated station might offer. Subway riders, meanwhile, grumble about having to walk to stops farther away, settle for more indirect train routes or rely on temporary shuttle buses, which carry them to the next available station. She took a week off from work to help him adjust. They tried two bus lines, but ultimately settled on a car service or having Ms.

When the school year ended in June, she chose not to sign her son up for summer school.

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But the Knickerbocker Avenue M station near her apartment closed in July and, along with the nearby Central Avenue station, is not scheduled to reopen until spring. Monahan instead takes two trains, nearly doubling what should be a minute commute. Transportation authority officials say closing a station entirely is less disruptive than protracted partial closures. In the past five years, 19 stations have been closed six months or longer for repairs.

Better still is the ability to control each radiator through thermostatic valves. I would also be interested to hear if anyone's used a Radiator Booster? I was very curious to hear about insulating paint additives. Again, does anyone have any experience of using these products? There's an interesting discussion about its merits going on over at the Green Building Forum. Not wishing to come between Calli and AGWSceptic , I was intrigued by the idea of, on those really cold periods, heating oneself rather than the space around you.

I remember discussing this very notion with Vanessa Feltz on her BBC London show once and she shocked both me and her audience by singing the praises of, what can best be described as, an electrically heated slumber suit which she said she and her family jump into on a cold evening instead of switching on the heating. Unlike a sleeping bag, they have legs and boast a range of zip options so you can unplug yourself and walk around your home largely unimpeded.

Certainly something to only try in the privacy of your own home, but presumably more energy-efficient than huddling round a three-bar electric fire all evening? The allowance is currently scheduled to be available to landlords up to April Of course, there can be a world of difference between the attitudes of an individual landlord and an institutional landlord such as a housing association or local authority. For the latter, it might require you to rouse a collective effort among your neighbours to lobby for improvements.

The introduction of the Energy Performance Certificate in October was designed to force landlords into having an energy assessment performed on their property. This doesn't apply to "room-to-rent" or "shared facilities" landlords, and, crucially, if you were already renting the home before October your landlord does not need to provide you with an EPC.

The result is that tenants are now able to see the home's energy rating before they decide to rent, but — a missed trick, this — it doesn't force the landlord to make any changes, or meet a minimum standard. As the EPC tenants' guide pdf says: "If you want to carry out larger improvements, you will probably need to ask permission from your landlord.

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Backing up is important. Knowing which tools, techniques, services, and even advice to trust can be a challenge. It's not uncommon to run out of disk space.

A free utility can show where your disk space is going so you can determine what steps to take. How To Back Up Windows How to back up Windows 10 using its own built-in tools in eight easy steps. Four bonus steps handle Microsoft's plans to retire one of those tools. It's easy to feel cursed if computer after computer you deal with has problems. It's often not you at all.

Sharing posts you find on Facebook often results in an "unavailable" message. That's Facebook respecting privacy settings. Domain names are simple in concept, yet can be constructed in ways that might fool you. I'll look at some examples, and discuss what's important. Stop Spreading Manure. Perhaps most importantly, stop believing it. Stop Spreading Manure from Ask Leo!. The TrueCrypt project was suddenly and without warning shut down.

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I'll look at a little of the history and what you should use instead. What happens when the manufacturer stops security updates on your phone? Do I Need OneDrive?