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It is an opportunity also for the writer to, in his own inimitable style, mix genres and registers with an obvious pleasure. The book is written with great humour, and an extraordinary passion for the written word.

Autour de l'œuvre de Kazantzakis - Persée

He is truly a writer of world literature! His unique perspective on things undoubtedly comes from his own background.

Indeed, he arrived in France to study business law after a childhood spent in Pointe-Noire, in Congo Brazzaville, the economic capital of the country and his source of inspiration. As artist in residence for a year, he was able to dedicate a lot of time to writing. From to , he taught francophone literature at Michigan-Ann Arbor university and he currently teaches francophone and comparative literature at UCLA.

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The novel was translated into a dozen languages and turned into a play. Achille Mbembe et Felwine Sarr. En Avec des photos de Caroline Blache. Le sommes nous vraiment? Qui suis-je?

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Les affaires tournent, Julien a la vie belle et festive Splendeurs pour qui exactement? Mais peut-il encore reculer? During the dry season, I would leave the refuge that was my bed, quietly open the door of the house and go out.


I was no longer afraid of ghosts and other mean and scary night time creatures. I would sit in the middle of the yard, look up far above me to watch the sky as my mother said my sister lived up there with the angels. And suddenly, I would see a really tiny star that shone more brightly than any other. I would watch it carefully, see it move and wave at me, smile at me and disappear for a few seconds behind the passing clouds. It was fun, it made me smile too. I had given it a name, my Star-Sister. Sitting in the yard, I would start talking to my star, my sister. My Star-Sister listened closely.

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Autour de l'œuvre de Kazantzakis

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