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Almost time to pick up the girls!

Better motor! Cucumber crushers!

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Vinegar violators, dill-stroyers! The mayor barely reaches her mid-calves. And I need to pick them up from school! But we really would like for you to come downtown with us so we can ask you a few questions. I really ought to pick them up! The camera zooms in, and Buttercup breaks the long silence. He hates us, he totally hates us!

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Blossom tries to console her while reasoning with Buttercup. He probably just got held up, or, maybe the car broke or, maybe he just forgot, or… deflating maybe he hates us. Blossom hangs her head. The bottom left tab says the time is a nod to ppg again , and the right tab says CTNnews CTN being a nod to Cartoon Network, the producing studio of the movie ]. The center man, a well-dressed Caucasian businessman, speaks. An old lady with gray beeshive hairdo is talking this time. Cleo gets a few words in].

Joanne M. Weber (Author of Octi The Octopus Faces His Fear)

Back to you, Linda. With more on this subject is…. The girls are silhouetted in their glow. The Aqua Hunger Task force, another show on Cartoon Network, can be seen briefly in a screen on the left of the newsanchor. They walk off slowly, just missing an emergency broadcast as it goes off on all channels. His eyes are baggy and his voice is weak. Just let me go! My girls, they need me! The camera zooms in on Buttercup. Buttercup starts to yell and Bubbles begins to cry.

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Come on! Snake, and Big Billy soon follow. Did somebody get washed? At that point, Grubber pops in and amidst their screams, he advances on them in very cheesy style.

Then a clang is heard, and Grubber falls down, prostate. Atop the truck, cloaked in shadow and revealed by lighting, is Jojo, with a billowing scarf and trench coat, with a trash bag covering his brains. Come back! Jojo seeks refuge in a box. He is not in the scene.


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It was all fwish, bang, crash, bam, boom! A pair of sad, pinkish eyes open. For I have been lashed by harsh tongues for too long. Alas, my little ones, I do not rock. For I, Jojo, am… a monster! Monsters are evil.

But my pain is not for you to understand. Besides, how could you? For you are pure and innocent, and most certainly loved. This brain points is full of brilliant ideas! But will anyone listen? Nothing in this gray matters. The girls fly back down. He pops back out of his box.

Buttercup: Uhh…. White-hot searing lava flow up just a foot or two short of the top. On it is the basic design of his volcano top observatory seen in many episodes. That way everyone will see that our special abilities are good, then everyone will love us. It was your idea! But… use our powers? Your powers are great! You just gotta believe in yourself. Then they dive in as Jojo smiles onward. A few shots show the girls planting the cylindrical device down in the white-hot lava. As they stop, the machine whirrs, opens, and rotates, releasing a long tube back up towards the surface along with the girls, dripping in lava but unaffected even their clothes.

Jojo does a victory dance. Very good indeed. Back at Townsville volcano, the girls melt the meteor into liquid, under the diction of Jojo. Next, they fly underwater to unearth a giant submarine.

What to do when an octopus gives you an eight-armed face hug

Jojo uses the scraps to create an elaborate system of green power lines throughout the floor and walls. As the girls fly out again, the basic laboratory is finished, complete with large telescope. Our work is proceeding as planned! At last, our lives will be better! At last, we will be accepted! At last, our greatest work is complete… oops.

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