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Sunlight filtering through green leaves

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JPG It is also mentioned as the interplay between the light and the leaves which is observed especially on the ground. John Denver would say Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy Questions about both jayus and Komorebi? Are you working your way through this list? Wikipedia includes a list of alternative names, some of which are more idiomatic than the latin derived crepuscular: Backstays of the sun — a nautical term, from the fact that backstays that brace the mast of a sailing ship converge in a similar way Cloud breaks Jacob's Ladder Ropes of Maui — originally.

But this has two drawbacks with regards to your question. It is a fairly technical definition and not commonly understood in every day English. You would still have to specify what makes up the sheaf; it cannot be used as a single word in the sense you want. Incorrect Walking through the forest, I was awestruck by the beauty of a sheaf.

Correct Walking through the forest, I was awestruck by a beautiful sheaf of sunlight. There does not appear to be an exact word for sunlight filtered specifically through foliage. Eejin Eejin 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. Your idea is more like some type of scattering. I think it's different from the image.

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These photons are concentrated. It actually isn't scattering. It's just a perspective effect. That image is of a sheaf. Crepuscular actually means of twilight, and the image doesn't look like twilight. I think this is very close. It is a general term which is usually associated with clouds though, so its not specific to trees.

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But maybe, this is the closest we can get. Andrew: The name comes from twilight because of the frequent appearances during crepuscular hours but it doesn't only apply to that time only. It has bunch of other names as well. Dappled means marked with small spots or patches contrasting with the background There are a number of images referred to as dappled sunlight here.

This is partially correct which I partially mentioned in the question also. Of course, "dappled sunlight" is an explanatory phrase for the effect on the surface. But it would be nice to find an answer that covers all aspects. Languages that create words by combining concepts have the potential for more poetic single terms Japanese, Chinese, German. English compound words are usually more mundane than evocative, and rarely go beyond two concepts. Is there a specific, single word in English that means precisely that? This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author, leave a comment below their post.

The question was "is there an English equivalent. Some born after he died. These two phenomena are distinct and yet related. Describing it this way seems to be the best way to communicate this in English. Well, of course but this defeats the purpose. What exactly is your purpose? I thought you were asking about the correct English translation of this word. I already mentioned that phrase as a translation and I'm aware of it. Finding a single word equivalent is the purpose but I asked for terminologies or colloquial usages also.

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  • There were already good answers before I opened a bounty and I will probably choose one of them but I tried my chance one more time with a bounty. This is essentially the dictionary definition.

    The Light Between the Leaves

    The leaf collection procedure differed for the monoculture and forest understory, because of different leaf emission rhythmicity. For both the light environments monoculture and forest understory two crown positions were considered: inside the tree IN and branch tips PO. The plants in the monoculture contained one- and three-months-old leaf populations on the branch tips, whereas seven- and seventeen-months-old leaf populations inside the trees.

    Yerba mate plants from the forest understory contained one-, tree- and seven-months-old leaf populations on the branch tips and inside of trees populations of and 21 months. The soluble extracts of the processed yerba mate were prepared by the water percolation in a fixed site with the crushed material Valduga et al.

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    • The sensorial hedonic test of the soluble yerba mate extracts was conduced in the Laboratory of Sensorial Analysis of URI, Erechim, in the cabins containing blue, green and red light. The group of seven semi-trained testers judged the bitter taste in a qualitative scale from 1 to 10 Amarine et al. The hedonic test characterized the soft , normal , and bitter taste The ordered categorical data frequently arise in the biological, biomedical and other research areas.

      Sometimes, the categories are the result of the grouping continuous data, such as the age, or they arise when the measurement was inherently imprecise. However, the ordinal data often resulted from the subjective assessments under ordered categories. The proportional odds model is considered a special case of the grouped continuous approach McCullagh, It considers Y as a dependent variable with the ordinal categorical outcomes denotes by 1, The proportional odds model is given by:.

      The applications of this model were discussed under various aspects Ashby et al. The light environment, leaf position and sex were considered as the discrete covariates, while A, g s , E, Tl , PPFD and age were considered as the continuous covariates. In the ordered categorical response variable regression, the light environment forest or monoculture , leaf position, A, E and Tl showed the significant effect on the intensity of the bitter taste and were considered as the significant variables, including the interaction light environment x leaf position Table 1.

      The stomatal conductance gs , photosynthetic photon flux density PPFD , air temperature and leaf age did not show significant effect on bitter taste. After the fitting of the proportional odds model with the significant covariates, the final model was obtained demonstrating only the significant ordered categorical response variables influencing the bitter taste Table 2. The response of bitter intensity was very complex and many factors were demonstrated to be important in the taste manifestation note of bitterness.

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      It was observed that there was no distinction between note 6 and note 7 Table 3. To distinguish visually the impact of different factors influencing the bitter taste note, the graphic representation was performed on the final model of the regression Tables 2 and 3. The other two factors were fixed on their average values.

      The graphic representation of all the shading situations inter-specific and self-shading showed similar responses for all the statistically significant continuous covariates separated by the effects of the sex and leaf position. In the females Fig. The leaves originated from any type of the shaded environment showed bitterer taste than leaves from the branch tips in the monoculture Fig.