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Once we agree on the basic flow, the designers and developers can get to work making your product as beautiful as it is functional. Example: Once we knew the features we would want in the first version of ChatSummit, we could begin to map out the customer journey.

The main features included signing up to the platform, live video chat, a matching algorithm, the ability to create an online summit, the ability to invite people to the online summit, the ability to join an online summit and the ability to speak with more than one person during a summit. We then wrote out the steps that the user will need to take in order to get to the value, which was to discover new community members.

ChatSummit Steps: An online summit is created by a community leader on the ChatSummit platform A community leader can invite community members to RSVP for the summit Community members receive an invite to the summit and can RSVP Community members are asked to sign-up in order to RSVP Community members can join the summit when it has begun Community members will be matched based on common interests Community members can speak to their match via one-on-one live video chat.

We believe that a functional user experience is key to the success of any product. UX is at the forefront of our design process, ensuring that your product looks just as great as it is simple to use. Example: Once we had a prototype of the ChatSummit web app, we were able to get a feel for how the product will actually look and work in real life. In playing with the product, we gained a major insight - how will people know what to talk about on the live video chat after they are matched with someone from their professional network?

We then decided to add one step to the customer journey to remove this potential friction in the product. Our team utilizes the agile methodology, which means that we work iteratively, breaking up the development into small tasks. Instead of building an entire product from start to end and then testing to see how it works, we build in short cycles, completing a small portion of the project at a time. This allows us to easily adapt to change, learn as we go and avoid wasting time.

The short cycles are composed of weekly sprints, where each developer is assigned specific tasks. With a team of people and multiple tasks, it is important that we stay organized and in-sync throughout the weekly sprints. In order to work efficiently and keep the team aligned on the same goals, we apply the following methods:.

After features are completed, they are ready to be tested by our quality assurance team.

Design for Software

In order to prepare for testing, our developers will move the features from the development environment into a staging environment. The process of transitioning the features from one environment to the next is called deployment. After the QA team has approved the features, they will then be deployed to a production environment, which is a live environment that is exposed to real users.

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In order to prepare for a smooth transition between environments, we automate most of the deployment process, making it both simple and quick. Once moved to the staging environment, our quality assurance team will be able to review the code and check for any bugs. It is important that we monitor the engineering process and apply common methods used for ensuring high-quality software. We will only continue on to the next phase once the outcome of testing has proven to meet quality standards.

Once the features have passed all quality tests, they will be moved to the production environment, which is the actual live environment that is exposed to real users. We recommend before launching your product, to do some beta testing internally with coworkers, friends or family.

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This will be a great way to test out the first version with real people and get quick feedback and insight into how it works. Example: When the first version of ChatSummit weny live, their team scheduled a few rounds of testing amongst themselves to see how it worked. In my opinion, the book has a very good topic structure facilitating the reader to keep in mind the areas that will be discuss. I recommend, for sure! By Michael I on Sep 06, This is one of the best design books written with developers in mind.

If you are a developer and don't think you need to worry about design and it's not your job - you need this book even more. Understanding and appreciating design as a developer is important more now than ever before. The best developers today are ones that also have at least an understanding of these design principles. By Rpm on May 02, This book should be recommended reading at every university offering a Computer science major. Excellent work by Eric Klimczak.

by Klimczak, Erik

Hope he has it in him to write more By Paul on May 01, The value of this book is as an introduction to it's topic. The author, in my opinion strikes a perfect balance between being sufficiently comprehensive but not over detailed. It does seem to be rather unique in this respect as I was not able to find anything similar.

I found the book engaging, easy to read and written in an unpretentious style.

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The only minor criticism is that I think the author could have listed some further reading in a separate section at the end of the book as well as dotted around within the content so, those other titles could be found easily. By Redheaded on May 27, Has good suggestions of doing Wire-frames for Web development. Goes over a number of pitfalls to avoid.

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Lots of good ideas. By Caitlin on Dec 20, By Amazon Customer on Jun 20, By Forcebwu on Jul 15, By Amazon Customer on Apr 30, Add a Book Review. For clients who wish to continue adding features and making changes over time, an ongoing development agreement will be needed, in addition to a maintenance agreement. Ongoing development agreements include the following:. We'll work with your team to create a robust product roadmap that outlines which new features will be built, and when.

This helps prioritize features, plan budgets, etc. After new features are added to the product roadmap, we'll complete a short design process to demonstrate the new feature and how it will operate within the existing application. Once design is complete, we'll estimate how much time will be required to develop the feature, then will add it to an upcoming sprint to be completed.

Wonder how we make this process work? We create a Slack channel..

4 Basic Principles of Software Engineering

You have direct access to everyone on our team Daily standups to review what was completed the previous day and what will be done that day. Find and overcome blockers. Weekly Client Check-In. We track and report our billable time with unparallelled transparency. Our entire team tracks their time using Toggl which tracks time down to the second, and you are only billed for the time we are actually working on your project. No rounding hours, no block billing, and visibility into each time entry.

They will say a PM is full time, but you don't really know how many hours they are putting in. This should be taken into account when comparing hourly rates or monthly rates.

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Toggle entries are documented with the Jira identifier which allows you to see how much time is billed toward each jira story, each feature, each version, and the entire project. We also provide daily reports showing the work logged in the previous day alongside month-to-date and year-to-date totals. Each month, a detailed report is attached to the invoice for your review.

Weekly Client Meetings We conduct weekly client check-in meetings each week for each project. The purpose of this meeting is for the Project Manager to update the client on how things are going each week, and review things like sprint completion, hours worked vs the estimate, budget, timelines, and milestones. This playbook focuses primarily on development of a new "greenfield" application. However, building new apps isn't the only thing we do. We offer a variety of engagement opportunities to clients, including:.

We'll add as many developers, project managers, quality assurance professionals, and designers to your team as needed, to help you level up your team's skills and go faster. Contact us below for a free consultation with our CEO. A JavaScript framework maintained by Google that addresses many of the challenges encountered when building single-page apps.