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The goal, then, is to teach children to have a healthy, complete view of sexuality. This includes educating them about the risks that come with sex. Instead, present this important decision as a choice: She can choose to have sex, and if she does, there is a possibility she will get an STI or get pregnant.

Explain how she can take steps to prevent that — birth control, condom use, and regular STI testing, for starters — and what she can do if she does face a consequence for having sex. Giving her a complete view, including what may happen and how she can deal with consequences as they arise, will help her recognize that sex is not without serious perils.

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This is true for both girls and boys, though each may express it differently. What seems like an exciting adventure at age 20, however, may easily become a future regret.

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Ethics We should all expect others to act with integrity in their sexual expression. People with ADHD should be especially mindful about treating themselves and their partners with moral and psychological integrity. This means emphasizing that enthusiastic consent from all partners is required — no means no, yes means yes — and also ensuring that your child is treating himself and his sexual choices with respect. Some teens with ADHD suffer low self-esteem thanks to a lifetime of academic, social, and personal challenges.

When talking to your teen about sex, teach her that sexual impulses are completely normal, but sometimes we act on them for the wrong reasons.

Teach her to be honest with herself and ethical about her intentions whenever she chooses to engage in sex. Teaching sexual ethics also means taking the possibility of pregnancy seriously.

The sex talk: Earlier is better

Talk to your teen about using birth control regularly, if applicable to his or her sexual orientation, as well as the possible consequences of an errant pregnancy. Teens with ADHD may struggle with birth control methods that require executive function skills— remembering to take the pill every day, for instance — so be prepared to discuss other long-term options, like an IUD or an implant, if necessary. Talking about sex in this manner can be deeply uncomfortable or even painful for parents, because they struggle with the fact that their child is growing up and may end up choosing to participate in risky sexual behaviors.

Parents today — especially parents of teens with ADHD — need to accept that their child might say yes. Rather than hiding from or fighting that reality, prepare your child and yourself for the potential outcomes of that choice. Teaching your child to make smart decisions and reflect on what he really wants — in sex, in love, and in life — will allow him to live as his most authentic self. Letterman once described Sedaris in, what became abundantly clear after conversing with her, perfect fashion.

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I normally start off with a full body shot, but then I move in and start interacting and conversing with the person. My anxieties, too, were increased by the mistaken kindness of my companions, who would persist in riding beside me and conversing. A little before him stood an old peasant woman, with whom Lily, on the opposite side of the garden pale, was conversing.

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