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Some might even include a warranty, so be sure to ask about this before you buy. Either a new or modern-used are the best choices for a daily commute ride, as they require less maintenance work.

A 50cc Moped: Ideal Scooters for Beginners

On a vintage Vespa, maintenance can be as frequent as weekly. If your finances allow, buying new is usually the safest option. Bear this in mind before taking advice from old scooter-heads- nostalgia can often blur the lines of logic! The handlebars of an automatic transmission Vespa mimic those of a bicycle, with two brake levers. The rider turns the throttle and goes without the need to manually change gears. On a manual transmission scooter, like on most motorcycles, the left brake lever is the clutch and the rear brake pedal is located on the floor panel.

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The manual shifting of the gears will add an extra element for the rider to deal with, and for the beginner rider it can easily lead to distractions. For those riders who prefer to have control over the gear changes, there are modern Vespas which maintain manual shifting, such as the PX range, but for the everyday commuter or the new rider an automatic transmission might make for a better choice.

The more powerful smallframe Vespa cc will allow you to ride the scooter on the highway, as most transportation regulations will restrict smaller engine sizes to roads with posted speed limits above 50 mph. Vespa scooters are typically smaller than your average motorbike, but are more powerful than you might expect.

1. Explore Comfort Levels for Scooters

The largeframe Vespa scooters can be anything from a Vintage cc to a modern — cc, so can pack a pretty powerful punch. Models that have 50 cubic centimeters of displacement 50cc or below qualify as mopeds, while scooters can have as much as cc.

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Keep in mind there are a few legalities involved in hopping on a scooter. In many states, drivers who pass a written test can take to the streets at the age of just 15, shaving a year off the required time in some states to get behind the wheel of a car.

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  8. Unlike scooter and motorcycles, mopeds are allowed to use designated bicycle lanes — but not sidewalks. Overall, scooters face stricter laws than mopeds. The comfortableness and versatility that your own scooter provides is unmatched to any other mode of transportation. You can just hop on and head towards your destination without you having to wait for someone to pick you up with the worry of being late. With Paytm Mall, you can shop online for anything and everything right from the comfort of your home or workplace.

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    What you should know before buying your first Vespa scooter - iVespa

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